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Quality Clinical Data Management

LeXiom’s Clinical Data Management team will use its professional expertise to lead and influence the development of data capture and data management technologies and processes, to enable timely and efficient reporting of clinical trial data. We deliver high quality cost effective data management. Our data management department is responsible for;

  • Processing and cleaning of data from multinational clinical trials to produce high quality reporting databases in timing with drug developments and regulatory submissions.

  • Maintenance and enhancement of the Dictionary Databases, (MedDRA, WHO-DRUG, WHO-ART,COSTART…) while supporting auto-encoding and project management activities.

  • Data-related aspects concerned with the safety, tolerability, bioavailability, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties of the study drug.

  • Providing the appropriate resources, skills and processes for the design, implementation and management of data capture and storage technologies and print administration for world wide clinical trials.

  • Administering data capture and reporting standards across projects and therapeutic teams in order to streamline the Clinical Development process.

The Informatics Group is responsible for developing the technical vision and computing strategy for LeXiom, evaluating and piloting new products and technologies and providing strategic consulting services on technical projects.